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Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Removal

Permanent Makeup is the perfect solution for those wanting the "wake up with your makeup" look. Never worry about having to do your brows or eyeliner again. 

All new Permanent Makeup (PMU) appointments include a consultation, initial procedure, medical grade numbing and one (1) 4-6 week touch up appointment.

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Consultations are required before booking any PMU or Removal Service. The $50 will be credited toward your procedure if you book a full service. During the consultation you will fill out paperwork, and have a chance to ask any and all questions related to the services you wish to get. If you are getting a Brow Consultation you will also receive a brow mapping session. You will get to approve your brow shape before the procedure.

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Permanent Makeup Services

Eyeliner (Upper or Lower)

  • Initial Session $250

  • Touch Up (up to 1 year) $150

  • Touch Up (after 1 year) $25 off regular price

Eyeliner (Both Upper & Lower)

  • Initial Session $400

  • Touch Up (up to 1 year) $250

  • Touch Up (after 1 year) $25 off regular price

Ombre/Powder Brows (Machine)

Eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look

  • Initial Session $350

  • Touch Up (up to 1 year) $250

  • Touch Up (after 1 year) $50 off regular price

-Ideal for oily or sensitive skin types

Permanent Makeup: Treatments

Li-FT Removal Services

Li-FT is a unique saline removal formula like no other in the world made by Li Pigments. No chemicals, no acids, no laser. All natural salt and fruit seed extract. Made in a state of the art licensed and inspected manufacturing lab.

Permanent Makeup: Services

Emergency Removal


Emergency Removal can be performed up to 48 hours after an initial PMU or Microblading session.

Brow or Eyeliner Removal

Initial Session $250
Follow Up Session $200


Body Tattoo up to 2"x2"

Initial Session $300
Follow Up Session $250


Body Tattoo up to 4"x4"

Initial Session $350
Follow Up Session $300


Body Tattoo up to 6"x6"

Initial Session $400
Follow Up Session $350



How many sessions will it take for removal?

It’s impossible to predict how many sessions you may need for removal. Although many times we achieve amazing results in just one to two sessions, it is not uncommon for certain removals to take up to four or five or even six sessions to reach the lightening result wanted.  Even if a certain case takes six sessions to remove, that is often times much faster than lasers.

What is the wait time between each session?

It has been determined by many doctors and professionals in the medical community, that the depth and type of wound caused by PMU and tattoo procedures takes six weeks to fully heal.  When it comes to removal procedures it is recommended that Eight full weeks of healing takes place before another session is performed.

Permanent Makeup: FAQ

PMU Policies

All Permanent Makeup services require a consultation. A 50% non-refundable deposit is also required to book a full service. Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Removal services require a at least a 48 hour cancellation or reschedule notice. Deposits for appointments can be moved one (1) time without penalty with proper cancellation or reschedule notice. Touch up services must be scheduled 4-6 weeks after initial service. If you do not schedule or miss your follow up appointment, you forfeit your "included" touch up service and will have to book for a paid touch up service. There are no guarantees in the retention of the permanent makeup as retention can vary based on skin type, aftercare, medication, lifestyle, etc.

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