Convenient and compact, these travel/trial size skin care sets will keep your skin healthy and balanced while you’re on-the-go. These kits are a great way to start using Skin Fitness Therapy Products if you are new to us or need products to travel with.


Grab N Go Kit

$45 +tax

Convenient and compact, this travel/trial size skin care set will keep your skin healthy and balanced while you’re on-the-go. Toss in your overnight or gym bag, and always be prepared to radiate a healthy glow!

  • Deep Pore Cleanser Normal/Combination Skin 1oz

  • Cranberry Purifying Scrub 1oz

  • Collagen Fitness Spritz 1oz

  • Sun-Fit Mineral Skin Protection 1oz

  • Tone-N-Tighten Eye Cream 3ml

Post Peel Home Care Kit

$75 +tax

Skin Fitness Therapy’s post peel kit is designed to provide skin with the necessary nutrients required to accelerate healing, re-building and re-pairing post-treatment. This system is perfect for all skin types, and will relieve itching and reduce redness associated with peel treatments. A gentle, deep pore cleanser with shea butter will nourish skin, an antioxidant rich toner will provide rich botanical nutrients, growth factors aid in accelerating cell renewal, while concentrated hyaluronic acid will lock in necessary moisture. A chemical-free, mineral skin protection containing refreshing watermelon and aloe vera will protect your skin when it is most vulnerable. This easy-to-follow, 4-step routine will ensure your skin a speedy recovery, and maximum results post-treatment.

  • Deep Pore Cleanser Normal/Combination 1oz

  • Anti-Radical Toner 1oz

  • Pure Oxygen Serum 5ml

  • EGF “Protein Complex” 5ml

  • Hyaluronic Serum Sealer w/ Copper Peptides, DMAE & Argireline® 5ml

  • Sun-Fit Mineral Skin Protection 1oz


Rapid Recovery Kit

$50 +tax

Quick start to speed up cell renewal. Especially good for post peels, laser, anti-aging, acne recovery, and microdermabrasion. 

  • EGF Protein Complex .5oz

  • Pure Oxygen Serum 1oz

Acne Home Kit

$75 +tax

The Acne Starter kit includes a combination of the most effective products for acne-prone skin.  The starter products feature a powerful combination of salicylic acid, sulfur, retinol and protein to reduce redness, breakouts and promote a clear complexion.

  • Anti-Blemish Cranberry Liquid Cleanser 1oz

  • Anti-Radical Toner 1oz

  • EGF Protein Complex 3ml

  • Retinolic Serum 3ml

  • Lemon Hydration Gel .5oz


Spring Kit

$70 +tax

​Spring-clean your complexion and energize your skin with our travel-size springtime home care solutions. This starter kit contains a complete skin care routine appropriate for all skin types – cleanser, exfoliant, toner, target serums and moisturizer. The Spring Fit Kit captures nature’s botanicals to deeply purify, balance and restore a radiant, healthy complexion.

  • Deep Pore Cleanser Normal/Combination Skin 1 oz

  • Cranberry Purifying Scrub 1 oz

  • Anti Radical Toner 1 oz

  • Pure Oxygen Serum 5 ml

  • Red Wine Blueberry Pumpkin Age Defying Cream 15 ml

  • Multi-Vitamin Serum w/ Stem Cells & Dynalift 5 ml

Summer Kit

$130 +tax

As our climate changes so does our skin. Summer rays can wreak havoc on un-protected skin. Our summer starter kit contains super-charged antioxidant rich serums with plant based stem cells and potent vitamin c to infuse skin cells with the ability to shield away the damaging effects of UV rays. Combined with a deep pore cleanser, antioxidant rich toner, lightweight moisturizer and a chemical-free SPF your skin will be protected with a facial routine that won’t leave you feeling sticky or oily.

  • Deep Pore Cleanser Normal/Combination Skin 1oz

  • Anti Radical Toner 1oz

  • Vital C Serum 20% with Ellagi-C & Resveratrol 5ml

  • Red Wine Blueberry Pumpkin Age Defying Cream 15ml

  • Multi-Vitamin Serum w/ Stem Cells & Dynalift 5ml

  • Sun-Fit Mineral Skin Protection 1oz


Fall Kit

$85 +tax

Repair the damage the summer season has caused with our fall skin care solutions. Highly concentrated plant-based nutrients and scientifically advanced technology synergistically combine to stimulate cell renewal, restore hydration, inhibit hyper-pigmentation and provide antioxidant protection against damage caused by the sun and environmental challenges.

  • Pumpkin/Pomegranate Cleanser

  • Cranberry Purifying Scrub

  • Pure Oxygen Serum

  • Vital C 20% Serum

  • Red Wine Blueberry Pumpkin Cream

  • Multi Vitamin Serum With Stem Cells And Dynalift™

Winter Kit

$110 +tax

During the winter months, skin needs extra protection from the changing environment. With cooler temperatures, skin finds it more difficult to retain moisture, fight premature aging, and combat fine lines and wrinkles. Our featured winter fit-skin products saturate skin in complete hydration and potent red wine antioxidants to protect skin all season long.

  • Lemon Chiffon Cleanser 1oz

  • Crushed Grape Seed Scrub 5ml

  • Red Wine Blueberry Pumpkin Age Defying Cream 15ml

  • Vital C Serum 20% with Ellagi-C & Resveratrol 5ml

  • Red Wine Concentrate With Noni 5ml

  • Firming Red Wine Serum 5ml

  • Crystal Dew Drops For Eyes & Lips 5ml


Purchase any of these products after your next spa visit to take the experience home with you. Products are non-refundable and cannot be returned.