Toning Therapy

Cleansing can leave skin’s PH unbalanced, making it unable receive the full benefits of topical product application, due to improper absorption. By toning the skin prior to applying targeted serums or moisturizer, skin is able to receive the maximum amount of nutrients, which means better results! Our toners not only balance skin’s PH, but also infuse it with a burst of anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, soothing herbs and skin hydrators. These multi-tasking toners also work as a nutrient-rich finishing mist to set make-up, and are a great travel companion, as a light mist will revive and freshen up skin throughout the day.


Anti-Radical Toner

$30 +tax

This soothing toner is packed with antioxidant power to protect and prevent free radical damage. It contains lipid- restoring ingredients such as glycosphingolipids to maintain skin’s moisture barrier. Our potent blend of soothing herbs and essential nutrients calm, balance and nourish the skin. This toner is especially essential for sensitive skin and rosacea skin  conditions.
Skin Types: 
All, Rosacea, Oily, Sensitive

Collagen Fitness Spritz

$40 +tax

Collagen Fitness Spritz contains heavy water (D20); it looks, feels and tastes like regular water, but is sweeter. The hydrogen in heavy water is twice as heavy as the hydrogen in ordinary water. All water on this planet contains heavy water, whether it is sea, glacial, mountain, city, lake, distilled or purified water. It evaporates more slowly than ordinary water, and is more“structured”than ordinary water, making it“smarter”in supporting the growth and maintenance of life in all of its complexity. It requires 10 times as much energy to ionize than regular water. All of these features make it a highly effective ingredient in a mist, intended to help the skin resist water evaporation and to stay moist for longer.
Skin Types:
Normal, Dry, Dehydrated, Mature


Red Wine Spritzer

$45 +tax

Spritz away tired, fatigued skin with this aromatic red wine spritzer. Cucumber, chamomile, & aloe, soothe, calm & hydrate, while tonic effects of lavender tonify & stimulate circulation leaving you quenched, beautiful skin!

Skin Types:


Purchase any of these products after your next spa visit to take the experience home with you. Products are non-refundable and cannot be returned.